Discover The Proven Health Benefits Of This Millennia-Old Health Practice, That is Ignored & Looked Down On By Many Conventional Doctors!

With Lissa Rankin, MD & Living Foods Expert, Tricia Barrett

Dear Health Conscious Friend,

The secret I’m referring to is cleansing ~ the process of restricting your diet to a select set of nutrients ~ with the purpose of cleansing your internal organs.

Clean organs operate much more efficiently and have some incredibly powerful healthy side-effects!

How would you like to:

  • Triple Your Energy Levels
  • Lose 3 – 10 Lbs (or More!)
  • Look & Feel Years Younger
  • Improve Your Mood
  • Fight & Prevent Disease
  • Boost Your Immune System

Yeah, we thought so…

But, you’re scared right? Cleansing brings up fears for many people. I know it did for me!

You might have fears like:

  • What if I’m running to the bathroom every 15 minutes?
  • I might experience terrible withdrawal symptoms.
  • What if I’m so moody no one wants to be around me?
  • If I fall off the wagon will I loathe myself for not being strong enough to stick with it?

If you can relate, then you’re invited to participate in a free call I’m hosting with Living Foods Expert, Tricia Barrett. Tricia is the person who helped me through my first cleanse… and she’s been my “go to gal” ever since!

If you’ve ever considered cleansing but backed out for ANY reason, you’ll want to join us for this fun and informative call that will address all of those pesky fears and give you the skinny on the experience of cleansing and how vital you’ll feel after doing so.

What do you need to do?

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Lissa Rankin, MD

P.S. During this call I’m also going to share my first cleansing experience and how it literally transformed my life and started me on the path I’m on today!

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